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  • Hospital personnel train to work with Ebola patients.

    U.S. fights Ebola with aid funding, training

    Dec 10, 14 • 257 Views • FeaturesNo Comments

    by It has almost been two months since Nina Pham, the second nurse who contracted the Ebola virus after treating Thomas Duncan, was  released from the clutches of the disease and isolated treatment.  In November, Dr. Martin Salia was exposed to the virus in...

  • Kelsey Edited

    Scheduling complaints from a medtech student

    Dec 10, 14 • 159 Views • Kelsey GheringNo Comments

    by During a meeting for the show I’m helping Mike Fujito with for Gannon’s Fringe Festival, our writing supervisor asked us to name off the first word that came to mind and I said “microbiology.”  I was discontented with my own brainstorming.  When...

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    Latino culture is brought right to the classroom

    Dec 3, 14 • 322 Views • NewsNo Comments

    by   With the closing of International Education Week, Gannon University continues to offer students opportunities to learn about other cultures as close as the classroom.  One of these chances is presented in a course scheduled for next semester that...

  • Fair trade supports people like this jewelry maker (

    Fair Trade Sale to be held Friday

    Dec 3, 14 • 398 Views • FeaturesNo Comments

    by Students will be given the opportunity Friday to do some guilt-free shopping for Christmas presents — or themselves — thanks to the annual Fair Trade Sale. Gannon University’s Catholic Relief Service ambassadors are hosting the sale at the Waldron...

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    Social Work Club sells ‘pie for all’

    Nov 19, 14 • 346 Views • FeaturesNo Comments

    by If you find yourself looking forward to the dessert arrangement following Thanksgiving dinner the most, the Social Work Club’s Pie for All will give you the chance to satisfy your sweet tooth as well those in need from Erie. As part of a fundraiser for...

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    ‘Er go,’ the Salem witches were seeing rotten visions

    Nov 12, 14 • 410 Views • Kelsey GheringNo Comments

    by I hate horror movies.  My parents were always strictly against my siblings and I watching them growing up.  One of the warnings my dad had before we left the house was: “no scary movies, no Ouija boards and nothing illegal.” I never saw a reason to...

  • Monsignor Liddy will deliver his speech, "Insight and the Universe" Thursday at 7 p.m. in the Yehl ballroom.

    Speaker to teach insight Thursday

    Nov 12, 14 • 394 Views • FeaturesNo Comments

    by The philosophy department and Gannon’s honorary philosophy society, Phi Sigma Tau, will hold a lecture from guest speaker Monsignor Richard Liddy, Ph.D., at 7 p.m. Thursday in the Yehl Ballroom. Liddy is a Catholic thought and culture professor at Seton...

  • Roman Denisyuk is seen sketching writers' portraits on the mural in the English department.

    English mural portrays favorite authors

    Nov 5, 14 • 452 Views • FeaturesNo Comments

    by Writers are occupying the hallways of the English offices in the Palumbo Academic Center.  That doesn’t sound like anything new: most students of English do a lot of writing.  But these writers are different because they are pencil drawings. As Palumbo...

  • New York doctors sport personal protection equipment.

    Airborne Ebola virus remains a rumor

    Oct 29, 14 • 384 Views • FeaturesNo Comments

    by Dr. Craig Spencer was hospitalized last week in New York after he contracted Ebola in Africa.  On Monday, a 5-year-old old boy suspected of having Ebola who had just got back from Guinea was tested for the virus and admitted to the same hospital where...

  • Kelsey Edited

    Ignorance left me with my own Ebola scare

    Oct 22, 14 • 300 Views • Kelsey GheringNo Comments

    by Ah, the joys of fall break: five days without class, scattered colors in the leaves, apple cider and Ebola.  Yes, Ebola.  After my dad carted me the hour and a half home with four of my siblings, including my screaming baby sister, one of the first...