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    Erie offers great local attractions to students

    Oct 8, 14 • 233 Views • Brianna WoodsNo Comments

    by We spend at least four of our years in Erie, Pa., working on our undergraduate degree. Whether we notice it or not, this city has a lot to offer in terms of amusement. School keeps us pretty busy between classes, studying and extracurricular activities –...

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    Movie preview changes view on plastic, waste

    Oct 1, 14 • 133 Views • Brianna WoodsNo Comments

    by Every now and then I have the privilege of having a totally humbling and eye-opening experience. It changes my perspective on life and makes me realize how tiny my scope on the world is. There I sat, drinking my “30% less plastic” Aquafina bottle,...

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    Eating healthy can be hard on college budget

    Sep 24, 14 • 339 Views • Brianna WoodsNo Comments

    by Eating healthy is a challenge even when you have all the time in the world. But when you’re on the run, making good choices can be almost impossible. I recently found myself making a lot of excuses for my poor eating habits. I was going out to eat on a...

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    Student ponders life after graduation day

    Sep 17, 14 • 437 Views • Brianna WoodsNo Comments

    by  It’s been on my mind lately that we ask ourselves a lot of questions. There’s rarely a person who comes to school and knows exactly what they want to do with their lives and how they want to make that happen. In the three years I’ve been at Gannon,...

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    Editor offers incentive for students to dress your best

    Sep 10, 14 • 384 Views • Brianna WoodsNo Comments

    by The first day of school I walked down A.J.’s Way and I saw a girl wearing crop leggings and a PINK hoodie. My overly critical self thought, “That’s the best you could do for your first day of school outfit?” I remember the days of grade school when...

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    How you can look hot this summer season

    Apr 30, 14 • 2308 Views • FashionNo Comments

    by One of my favorite ways of procrastinating for the studying I need to do for finals is shopping. If you also enjoy this beloved pastime, I’ve got advice on what to fill your closet with this summer. If you’re headed out of state soon, you may want to...

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    Find some reason to dress your look up

    Apr 9, 14 • 1140 Views • FashionNo Comments

    by Some women often complain that dressing up is a lot of effort with little reward. However, in the next few paragraphs, I am going to prove that dressing up has many rewards. Wearing something cute that makes you feel good shouldn’t be saved for just...

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    Organize your closet for spring

    Apr 2, 14 • 1231 Views • FashionNo Comments

    by It’s time for spring cleaning and that means your closet, too. Here are some tips on how to refresh your wardrobe. If you love your clothes, you should give them enough comfortable space to live. Start by taking out all of the clothes from your closet...

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    Fashion’s welcoming back 1960s

    Mar 26, 14 • 1377 Views • FashionNo Comments

    by Believe it or not, one day we will be able to leave our apartments without wearing 10 million layers of clothes. That day is coming sooner than you think, and when it does it will be time for the fun excitement of spring fashion. In preparation for the...

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    Don’t give up fashion during Lent

    Mar 12, 14 • 1102 Views • FashionNo Comments

    by Fashion is a religion. That’s a bold statement, right? Here’s why it is – it’s ritualistic and expresses values. If you ask Google, religion is “a particular system of faith and worship.” Therefore, fashion could be a religion. Now before you...