Act of kindness in elevator uplifts heart

Sep 14 • Finding God on Gannon's Campus, Opinion • 5541

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It is that time of the year again. School has started, which means days will be packed with things to do. Some students are old hats at this and know the ins and outs of Gannon University; some are brand new to campus and are excited but nervous for those firsts that college life has to offer.

No matter which end of the spectrum you fit into, daily schedules will soon be checked full of assignments, meetings and plans with friends.

Looking at my own planner, it seems that I already have days packed with different appointments. Some of my days have me going nonstop from my morning classes to sometime late at night.

There will be days where finding time to have a quick lunch with a friend difficult; finding time to sit down and have a real conversation with God is almost impossible.

This is why I have started to try to find His presence in my daily life. I do not look for major miracles or anything like that. Sorry to disappoint, but Gannon bushes don’t spontaneously burst into flames. Instead, I tend to look for more simple things, things that most people overlook, but I find to be truly God’s work.

Simple things can be giving your computer up in a packed lab to a stressed student who needs to print a sixteen-page paper in less than five minutes, inviting a lonely person to lunch or opening the door for someone whose hands are full.

Even a simple smile can do wonders for someone having a bad day. These are things that seem almost trivial, but these small acts of kindness might just be an answer to someone else’s prayer—someday they might be an answer to your own prayer.

God’s work is not always found through a simple act of kindness. However, it is the most common form you will see on campus. The best place to really see it is; oddly enough, in the place that you reside in. I realized this the one day while I was leaving my own place.

I live in Harborview Apartments, which is unique because we have non-Gannon residents still living there.

A few days ago, I was in the elevator heading up to my apartment with an older woman and a Gannon student. They both realized that they were not only headed to the same floor, but also next door neighbors. Instead of just ending the conversation, my fellow student started right in with getting to know her better and offering his help to her. In turn, she said that he was welcome to visit at anytime.

This little encounter in the elevator really warmed my heart. I am not saying that I am surprised by it, but it was just nice to see someone going out of their way to be helpful and neighborly, especially in a day and age where college students are usually thought of as being self-centered and ignorant of the world around them.

There probably won’t be a day when everyone, including myself, will give up their computer instead of logging onto Facebook or waiting a few seconds to hold the door while in a rush. My hope is that these days are countered with more moments like the one I saw in the elevator.

Whether you realize it, you can change the way someone views their day. I challenge everyone to do at least one kind thing for someone today. A simple act can go a long way and might even encourage someone else to go out of their way to do something nice as well.

Penciling God in your daily life is a tricky thing to do. But it is something that can be rewarding and uplifting. Remember a simple act of kindness can go a long way and remind people that God is there.


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