• Hospital personnel train to work with Ebola patients.

    U.S. fights Ebola with aid funding, training

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    by It has almost been two months since Nina Pham, the second nurse who contracted the Ebola virus after treating Thomas Duncan, was  released from the clutches of the disease and isolated treatment.  In November, Dr. Martin Salia was exposed to the virus in...

  • what-r-u

    Alumni start nonprofit

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    by Opened Eyes is a new, nonprofit organization that was created by two Gannon University alumni earlier this year. Their goal is to raise diversity awareness in all aspects and create a cultural unity as well as develop a positive self-identity. Brandon...

  • The flier for the S.A.V.E. team's final celebration of the semester.

    S.A.V.E. team plans Christmas party

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    by Gannon University’s Students Against Violence Everywhere (S.A.V.E.)  Team is going to “deck the Rec” Friday by hosting a fun-filled event called “Rockin’ the Knight Away” to give students the much-needed and well-deserved time...

  • Power-Room-002

    Get ready for finals week the right way

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    by It’s that time of year again: Finals time. It is said that 99 percent of the stress of a semester takes place during 1 percent of the time. There are always tips and tricks that can help make this week go by as smoothly as possible. Studentlife.ca offers...

  • bob

    Nontraditional students have a lot to share in the classroom

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    by Meet Bob Vollentine: a hardworking and determined sophomore criminal justice major at Gannon University. Like many other college students, Vollentine is involved in different campus activities, including the Vets Club and programs for commuter students. ...

  • Lecture classes can lead students to pondering if it would be easier to be a teacher.

    Stepping into teacher’s shoes proves daunting

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    by You’re back in the classroom. You’re thinking about all of the work that has to be done in this class, as well as the several other classes you have.  You sit down and you wonder, “How will I get all of this done?” You think to yourself...

  • Fair trade supports people like this jewelry maker (serrv.org).

    Fair Trade Sale to be held Friday

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    by Students will be given the opportunity Friday to do some guilt-free shopping for Christmas presents — or themselves — thanks to the annual Fair Trade Sale. Gannon University’s Catholic Relief Service ambassadors are hosting the sale at the Waldron...

  • carbon

    Classes do their own part in reducing carbon footprint

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    by Gannon University has a long history of trying to reduce the carbon footprint. Recently, students in two classes, Environmental Engineering and Business Policy, have been trying to do their own part. The Environmental Engineering class has been determining...

  • Some students take the simpler route with recipes like grilled cheese.

    Cooking made easy: recipes for students

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    by It’s a Tuesday evening.  You finish your workday, come home and realize you don’t have any food in the house.  As you are on your way to the grocery store, you begin to think about what you are hungry for.  With time being at your disposal this...

  • pieforall

    Social Work Club sells ‘pie for all’

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    by If you find yourself looking forward to the dessert arrangement following Thanksgiving dinner the most, the Social Work Club’s Pie for All will give you the chance to satisfy your sweet tooth as well those in need from Erie. As part of a fundraiser for...