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    Gannon rejoices as cat finds her home

    Jan 21, 15 • 263 Views • Knight VisionNo Comments

    by If you paid any attention to Gannon University’s Facebook page during winter break, you would have found something that would make many people on campus very thankful: the black cat on A.J.’s Way has found a home. The university posted a picture of the...

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    Students hibernate for winter break

    Dec 10, 14 • 454 Views • Knight VisionNo Comments

    by Since we talked about finals week in the last issue, this week we’ll talk about what students, and some professors, are actually looking forward to this time of year: break! This year’s winter break gives Gannon a three-week resting period to celebrate...

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    EUP shooting questions safety

    Nov 19, 14 • 480 Views • Knight VisionNo Comments

    by Monday night, a local university made national news when when a former Edinboro University of Pennsylvania student was shot off of the university’s campus. A current Edinboro student, Trey D. Gunter, has been charged with accounts of criminal homide and...

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    Streaming may hurt music industry

    Nov 12, 14 • 548 Views • Knight VisionNo Comments

    by The music industry has been stirring up a lot of controversy recently. Taylor Swift caused a lot of commotion among magazines and social media when she pulled most of her music from her Spotify account and refused to release her new album, “1989” to...

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    Don’t jump into Christmas too soon

    Nov 5, 14 • 422 Views • Knight VisionNo Comments

    by Less than a week after Halloween and stores have already started playing Christmas music, putting up trees and having Christmas sales. The holiday season can be an exciting time of year, with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, but often times people...

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    Turn hobbies into your priorities

    Oct 29, 14 • 237 Views • Knight VisionNo Comments

    by This is the time of the semester where it may seem like all you ever work on is school and it never ends. Schoolwork should rank high on your list of priorities, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you ever worry about. While we all probably enjoy the...

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    Ailment affects future graduates

    Oct 22, 14 • 288 Views • Knight VisionNo Comments

    by Now that we’re all back from fall break, Gannon University’s fall semester is officially more than half-way completed. This means graduation is quickly approaching for those receiving their diploma in December. Many of you are probably sick of hearing...

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    Student safety is highest priority

    Oct 8, 14 • 419 Views • Knight VisionNo Comments

    by One of the biggest concerns that Gannon University expresses in regards to students is safety. Recently, a couple of rumors have been spreading around campus about students ending up in the hospital due to alcohol poisoning. As you may know, rumors have...

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    This month, be more than aware

    Oct 1, 14 • 560 Views • Knight VisionNo Comments

    by October begins Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which may mean more than just the fountains in Perry Square and Morosky turning pink. During this century, our society has heard a lot about breast cancer awareness and has seen pink ribbons almost everywhere....

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    Students prepare for fall and flu

    Sep 24, 14 • 249 Views • Knight VisionNo Comments

    by Tuesday marked the first official day of the fall season, which means things are going to start to get a lot cooler. Fall means a new season for fashion, football and pumpkin-spiced everything. That being said, with the weather changing, it’s also a time...