• international night ONLINE

    Travel around the world for one night

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    by Global Unity at Gannon University (GU2) and the International Student Office (ISO) will be hosting the annual International Night Saturday in the Hammermill Center. Students, faculty, staff and people of the Erie community will have the opportunity to...

  • Agents of Change ONLINE

    Gannon holds Agents of Change conference

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    by Gannon University is urging members of its community to register for an Agents of Change conference that will be held at the Waldron Campus Center on Friday and Saturday. Also in attendance at the conference will be students and faculty from neighboring...


    Train hard with TRX class

    Mar 25, 15 • 233 Views • News, Top Stories1 Comment

    by Gannon University’s Recreation and Wellness Center offers fitness classes of a wide variety and has recently added a new program. The newest installment of fitness classes at the Recreation Center is the TRX suspension training class. TRX training is a...

  • women's rights ONLINE

    Gannon celebrates women’s history

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    by Gannon University has been celebrating Women’s History Month with several different events throughout the month of March. The events have been open to faculty, staff and students, as well as the public. They are designed to raise awareness of women’s...

  • Zachery Wolf

    President: Zachery Wolf

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    by Why are you running for SGA president? I have an extensive background in leadership positions, I am only a sophomore – yes I get that – but all through high school and increasing in college, I have been in the student government. I was the president in...

  • NickAlexanderSGA

    Treasurer: Nicholas Alexander

    Mar 18, 15 • 275 Views • News, Top Stories6 Comments

    by Why are you running for SGA Treasurer? I’m running for the position in order to see that the money is spent wisely, but more importantly that we actually spend the money that we’re allotted each year. So often we’re given all this money and we have...

  • Elizabeth Mechling, freshman nursing major

    Vice President of Public Relations: Elizabeth Mechling

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    by   Why are you running for vice president of public relations?   I feel that I could benefit on the SGA executive board and encourage them and help them out with all they’re doing. And I really feel I could reach out to the student population. I...

  • Roose

    Vice President of Clubs and Organizations: Katy Roose

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    by By MIKE FUJITO assistant a&l editor Why are you running for VP of Clubs and Organizations? Currently, I am in the position now, so I know that with my studies and everything, I can handle the workload. Over the time of my term, I fell in love with my...

  • Maddy Zaccagnini, a junior biology major with a chemistry minor

    Secretary: Maddy Zaccagnini

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    by   Why are you running for secretary?    I am running just because I want to first, keep everyone in check and organized with the SGA class reps and executive board.  This past year has been a little rocky, so I want to [move] the numbers up and...

  • Abby

    VP of Academic Affairs: Abby Cavalier

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    by Why are you running for the position of VP of Academic Affairs? I am actually interested in changing the way elections are run and restructuring the general assembly. I want to make president be voted in first, in case someone still wants to be on E-board....